It is important that everyone is dressed professionally. The men should wear a suit and tie for most of the season. In the summer a short sleeve shirt and tie without a jacket is fine.  Women should wear dress slacks or business casual slacks (no jeans) and a polo shirt, sweater, or button-up blouse.  Another option would be a dress or skirt and blouse.  Keep in mind that ushers need to bend over at times.

Be at the Church 30 minutes before the starting time.

One usher at north entrance, one at the school entrance and two in the back.

If you cannot usher try and get a sub from the list. Call your captain if you are not successful; please do so in advance unless you experience an emergency.

Please use the sub list, as these people have volunteered for that purpose.

Be sure the lights are turned off in the entrances, the chairs folded and stacked, and all the doors are closed before you leave.

When locating people to bring up the gifts consider the family for whom the Mass is being offered. The Mass Intensions for the Sunday Mass are listed in the previous week’s bulletin.

Your most important job is to greet people as they come into the various Church entrances.

We are distributing activity sheets (bulletins) for the children at the weekend Masses. These activity sheets are designed for use before, during and after the Mass.  As you greet the people please offer the activity sheets to the preschool through elementary school kids.  If there are any leftover activity sheets please offer them to the kids as they leave.