Through the entire celebration, it is for the server to approach the Priest or Deacon, whenever necessary, in order to present the book to them and to assist them in any other way required.

Introductory Rites:

In the procession to the altar, for weekend Masses the servers carries the cross and candles.  For a daily Mass the cross and candles are not used.  Upon reaching the altar all the ministers reverence the altar.  For a weekend Mass the servers place the cross and candles, in the stands.  Then the servers take their place in the sanctuary.

After the penitential rite the server brings the book to the Priest for the Opening Prayer.  After the Opening Prayer the server returns the book to the credence table.

Eucharistic Prayer:

After the Universal Prayer (General Intercessions) the server will bring the book and the chalice to the Deacon or Priest who is setting the altar.  Then the server assists the Deacon or Priest in receiving the gifts.  The bread and wine are taken to the altar by the server and handed to the Deacon or Priest who will set the Altar.  Then the servers will get the bowl, towel and water for the washing of hands.  During the Eucharistic Prayer the servers knee on the first step.

After the distribution of Communion the Priest or Deacon will purify the sacred vessels.  The server brings water for the purification.  The server then returns the sacred vessels to the credence table.

Concluding Rite:

After the celebration of Mass, the server and other ministers will process out.  For a weekend Mass the procession goes to the 4th street entrance.  For a daily Mass all the ministers process to the sacristy.  In either case the ministers leave in the same manner and in the same order in which they entered.