1. After the Sign of Peace the Eucharistic Ministers go into the sacristy to wash their hands. Everyone should be nicely dressed.
  2. Each of the Ministers has been assigned a particular position. The position they take in the sanctuary is listed on the towel holder above the sink where they wash their hands.  There are dots on the floor in the sacristy that correspond to the position number on the towel holder.  The Ministers should line up based on the dots.  Please be quiet while getting set up in the sacristy.
  3. The ministers leave the sacristy to go to the sanctuary immediately after the priest has received from the cup. This is technically the beginning of the communion line.  The place the ministers take in the sanctuary is based on the diagram on the towel holder.  After all the ministers have received communion they go to distribute communion to the rest of people.
  4. Four ministers go the center of the Church. The four ministers are cup positions 7 & 9 and host positions 2 & 5.  Cup positions 7 & 9 go to the center of the church in the side isle.  Host positions 2 & 5 go to the center of the church in the main isle.  When going down the center aisle, wait for your partners.  The four of you should travel together.
  5. Four of the ministers stay in the front of the Church. The four ministers are cup positions 6 & 8 and host positions 3 & 4.  Cup positions 6 & 8 stand close to the side aisles.  Host positions 3 & 4 stand close to the pews.  The priest is position 1.  If you are new to this watch what the others are doing.
  6. The first ministers to leave the sanctuary will be cup positions 7 & 9. Everyone else should follow.  The last person to leave the sanctuary is the priest or possibly the deacon.
  7. There will be times when additional Eucharistic Ministers are needed to go to the choir loft or the back of the church. These are special occasions for exceptionally large crowds.  If additional ministers are needed it will be stated on the schedule.
  8. On occasion when a Eucharistic Minister does not show up you should go up immediately and quickly wash your hands. Take the vacant spot.  The rest will know where they are going so you just fill in.  Generally speaking the Eucharistic Ministers count as soon as they get into the sacristy and then one person steps out and holds up fingers for the number needed if any.
  9. If you are unable to do ministry on the prescribed date please get your own substitutes. You can call the parish (632-5640) if it becomes a serious problem.
  10. If an individual has their arms crossed on their chest it means they cannot for some reason receive Communion. Small children will have their arms crossed. You should just give them a blessing by making a small cross with your hand.
  11. Any deacons serving at Mass are always position 7. If we have visiting priests they may not always do as the regular priests, therefore be ready to move into the spot left vacant.
  12. There will be an official commissioning of new Eucharistic Ministers by the priest.