The Parish Council is concerned with all aspects of parish life. The Parish Council members should be aware of and involved in, as thoroughly as possible, the activities of the parish. Cannon Law 512 (3) states that “No one except Christians of proven faith, good morals and outstanding prudence are to be appointed to the pastoral council.” Financial matters are handled primarily via the Finance Council.  As the Parish Council is the primary adviser to the Pastor it should have representatives on all the other councils, committees and boards in the Parish.

At St Marys, nine members are elected by parishioners for three year terms, three each year.  Both parish trustees also serve on the Council.  Ex-officio members include the pastor and certain parish staff members.  The parish council receives commission reports at each meeting from designated liaison members.  Parish Council meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of every other month.  They do not meet during the summer.


Fr. Joe Herzing



Brigid Fitzgerald
(320) 632-3378


Dick Knopik
(320) 632-2620


Parish Council Members

Jean Dennis


Jeanine Grams


Jim Walter


Jonathan Welle


Lee Ann Doucette


Marge Mohler


Rachel Nikolai Durfee


Robin Smieja


Tim Bjorge